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Vintage port is at the top of the port hierarchy. It is a product of one exceptional year and always come from the best vineyards. Well-preserved vintage Ports are among the oldest wines of the world. The decision to 'declare' a vintage port to be located in the port house and must be approved by the (port) institute. A vintage port is already being bottled after two years of barrel aging. After this, the wine ages slowly in the bottle. Always place the bottles in a cool, dark place.

Taste description:

At a young age, vintage port is full and fruity with lots of tannin. It takes at least 15-20 years for the best vintage port reached its peak. A vintage postage, if well preserved so very elderly. The tannins are softer over time and full fruit flavour disappears just after the background and makes way for cedar, leather, spice and toffee tones.

The 1997 from Burmester exhibits  deep plummy purple colour, with intense red fruit aromas balanced by an elegant tannic structure, deep and immature with a very long life ahead of it.