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The latest in the popular series of photographic local history books. Over a hundred unpublished local photos covering local life in Whitehaven, West Cumbria, Workington and Carlisle.

All the books on this site are £10 each and contain many many unseen images of the local area. Other than ‘Whitehaven through the Queens Reign’ the books use only the photos of renowned local photographer Ivor Nicholas. Ivor has been snapping West Cumbria for the local News and Industry for over 50 years and his photos offer a unique snapshot of a recent but very different era.

Ivor started work as a photographer in the RAF in the 50’s although the book begins with a classic 1955 shot of a local garage with a line up of second hand Model T fords for sale!

This was our first joint book and it takes an overall look at Ivors career. There are some really memorable photos inside including some incredible views over Whitehaven town centre.

Special Offer

All four books for £35 plus free postage

Decades book 1960 to 1970
Decades Book 1950 to 1960
Whitehaven through the Queens Reign

This book takes a look at the changes and developments in Whitehaven and the immediate area during the Queens reign and was produced to celebrate Her Majesties visit to the town in 2008

A Moment in Time Book

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