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Taylors 1975 Vintage Port

Taylor's Port, 1970

Price: £95.00

Stock: 10 bottles

Description: levels in neck, labels as seen on photo

"This house must certainly be the Latour of Portugal. Their ports are remarkably backward yet still impressive when young. Of all the vintage ports, those of Taylor need the longest time to mature and even when fully mature seem to have an inner strength and firmness that keep them going for decades. The 1975 has turned out richly fruity, supple, and offers delicious drinking for the near future." Robert Parker Buyers Guide 1989.

Parker rating 96/100 (Outstanding)

Vintage Description:

The 1975 vintage port declaration came shortly after the 1974 revolution. Under pressure of nationalisation, the port shippers were keen to show what was possible after a run of weak vintages. Whilst the ports are not in the same league as the other 70's declarations (1970, 1977), they have stood up well and represent a superb quality vs price ratio. Recent tastings (e.g. Port Forum 75@40 tasting) have demonstrated that the best are elegant and a pleasure to drink. The wines are now fully mature with the top producers producing good '75's that will grow old gracefully. They are elegant fruity and well balanced but not big.